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This a script I wrote to backup files to magnetic tape from a network attached storage

HOWTO first run:

  • create a file containing the backup number, "echo 0 > backup.count" (or any other name as long as you change the variable)
  • find what you want to backup, if its on a network-drive edit /etc/fstab so it will be mounted by this script if you set MOUNT_ALL="y" edit the variables $BACKUPDIRS to point at the directories you want to backup
  • do a test-run with the -t flag
  • do a real-run with the -r flag

HOWTO restore backup from tape:

  • If backup.count contains number 15 and you want the latest backup then do:
  • mt -f /dev/nst0 fsf 14
  • tar xzvf /dev/nst0
  • The tar command will extract all the files in backup number 14 to the current directory


root@host:~# ./ -r
* Calculating size of all data to backup
## Real-mode ##
* Doing backup number 5
* Rewinding /dev/st0
* Forward space count files to 5

Size of backup: 403.39 Mb with a teoretical speed of 3.2 Mb/s 
the backup plus backup verification will take 4.20 min 

Calculated teoretical finnish-time: 15:23:08

2012-12-07 15:19:23: Backing up /root
* Writing data to tape
2012-12-07 15:22:37: Backup took 3.23 min, size: 403.39 Mb, speed: 2.07 Mb/s (acctual write speed was 2.38 Mb/s)

New calculated finnish-time based on the acctual write time: 15:25:51

* Rewinding /dev/st0
* Forward space count files to 5
2012-12-07 15:23:01: Start comparing backup with tape using "tar -d"
* Verifying backup
* Backup OK
2012-12-07 15:25:38: Backup 5 finnish
* Writing 6 to ./backuptest.count
* Rewinding /dev/st0
Eject tape? (y/n) y
* Ejecting, wait...