Quick prototyping for computer vision software
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📽 AI Projector: quick prototyping for your computer vision software

AI Projector is a pre-baked UI that helps you quickly prototype computer vision software.

AI Projector is simple and web-based. Just download the files in this repository, customize the settings in aiprojector.js and you're ready to go.


When developing computer vision software, the focus should be on the core of the project, the AI model, not on its UI.

AI Projector lets you focus on that. It opens a video stream from your webcam or any video recording device you have, samples its video frames and send them to your classification model.

Frames that were labeled (i.e. the model returned at least one label with a probability >= threshold), are shown with their labels, and you can easily save them (depending on your browser, right click + save image).

Once your model is ready, you can build your own UI or use AI Projector as a starting point for a web-based UI.

Sample project based on an early version of AI Projector

ArkAngel: Sample project based on an early version of AI Projector

Read more.


AI projector is released under the MIT License. You can find a copy of the license in the repository.