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ElDewrito dedicated server dockerized


This is a Dockerfile for running the ElDewrito server under Linux. The container uses Wine to run the Windows application and xvfb to create a virtual desktop.

The container is running 100% headless - no GUI is required for installation, execution or configuration.

The game files are required in order to start this container. They are not bundled within the container and you will have to provide them.


See the docker-compose here (recommended) or manually start the container with the following command:

docker run -d -p 11774:11774/udp -p 11775:11775/tcp -p 11776:11776/tcp -p 11777:11777/tcp -v /path/to/game:/game -v /path/to/config:/config -v /path/to/logs:/logs --cap-add=SYS_PTRACE domistyle/eldewrito

The capability SYS_PTRACE is required due to how ElDewrito works. The server won't start without it.

A default configuration file and veto/voting rules will be created automatically if no configuration exists in the game directory. If you do not want to use this configuration you can override this behavior by creating your own dewrito_prefs.cfg before starting the container.


The following tags are available:

Name Description
latest Direct build from master branch. Generally not recommended.
X.Y-testZ Tagged builds taken from master branch. Used for testing.
X.Y Stable tags. Everything was tested and is working. (not available yet)

Tutorial (for Ubuntu hosts)

  1. Prepare a Ubuntu host
  2. Install Docker for Ubuntu by following this guide
  3. Make sure Docker is working by running docker -v
  4. Install docker-compose with sudo apt-get install docker-compose
  5. Grab the latest compose file from the git repository here
  6. Put the docker-compose.yml in a folder called eldewrito
  7. Switch into the folder and open the file with nano docker-compose.yml
  8. Adjust /path/to/game, /path/to/config, /path/to/logs accordingly
  9. Adjust the image you want to use if necessary, e.g. change domistyle/eldewrito to domistyle/eldewrito:0.6-test5
  10. Put your Eldewrito game files into the folder you specified for /game
  11. Remove the dewrito_prefs.cfg from your game folder to let the container generate a known working one for you
  12. Run docker-compose up -d

You're done. Your container will now be running and you can check if it is working by visting http://server_ip:11775 in your browser.

You can use docker ps to view running containers.

To update the container either change the image tag inside of your docker-compose.yml and run docker-compose up -d or use docker-compose pull followed by docker-compose up -d if you are using the latest tag.

You can use docker-compose logs to view the logs inside of the container.



Port Protocol Description
11774 UDP Used for the game traffic
11775 TCP Runs the HTTP server used for communication with clients
11776 TCP Used for controlling the server via RCon
11777 TCP VoIP


Path Description Required
/game Has to be mounted with the ElDewrito game files in place. Yes
/config Contains the veto.json and voting.json if the default configuration is used. No
/logs Contains the dorito.log and chat.log if the default configuration is used. No

Environment variables

Variable Description Default Required
RUN_AS_USER Set to true or 1 to run as user instead of root. - No
PUID The user that the game server should be started as. You also need to set RUN_AS_USER. 1000 No
PGID The group that should own the game, config and logs directories. You also need to set RUN_AS_USER. 1000 No
INSTANCE_ID Starts the server in multi instance mode when set. Uses the configuration from /config/dewrito_prefs.cfg. Do not edit any config in your game directory in this mode, they will not be used. Instance identifier must be unique. - No
SKIP_CHECKSUM_CHECK Set to true or 1 to disable the checksum check performed on container start. (not recommended) - No
SKIP_CHOWN Skips the chowning on container startup. Speeds up container startup but requires proper directory permissions. - No
WAIT_ON_EXIT Set to true or 1 to wait before the container exits. - No
WINE_DEBUG Set to true or 1 to get verbose output from Wine. - No

Issues & limitations

  • The announce port(s) and listening port(s) can't be configured separately
    • This means you can't take advantage of container/host ports in Docker yet
    • Only 1:1 binding like 11774:11774 is possible for now
  • The server is running as root
    • Not a security issue by itself, just bad practice and laziness
  • The dewrito_prefs.cfg can't be placed outside of the game directory I'm working around this issue for now. Take a look at INSTANCE_ID for more details.
  • The banlist.txt can't be placed outside of the game directory
  • The server.json can't be placed outside of the game directory
  • The DedicatedServer.log can't be placed outside of the game directory