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MediaWiki upload bot for NARA.

This fork was created as part of a field study project at the University of Maryland's iSchool in spring 2014.

A basic operation can be run with this command:

python \
--username "myUsername" --password "myPassword" \
--index "/path/to/index/of/files.txt" "/path/to/folder/of/images/"

There is an additional optional "-- max-size" parameter which will instruct the bot to skip over files larger than the size specified in bytes (e.g. "-- max-size 104857600" to upload only files under 100 MB).

In order for this script to work, you will need:

The last two can be installed using pip using "pip install pillow" and "pip install beautifulsoup4". If you are running this on Mavericks, you may encounter some issues with Pillow, however we have gotten it to work using publicized workarounds.