Multiple inheritance and _super in javascript
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Extend is based off Jon Resig's Simple JavaScript Inhertitance blog post with the added support for multiple inheritance and AMD & CommonJS loaders. It is also lint-free and removes a superfluous check which breaks Closure Compiler. This inheritence system has been tested on large production apps for desktop and mobile.

It is recommended you import extnd.js using a CommonJS or AMD loader. Otherwise Class will be added to window and you could have name collisions.


For your constructor method use init instead.

var Animal = Class.extnd({
    init: function (name) { = name;

    getName: function () {

And to inherit:

var Bird = Animal.extnd({
    init: function () {
        this._super.apply(this, arguments);
        console.log('Animal says my name is', this.getName());

Note in the example above we call the parent method with this._super. This reference is dynamic in a way that supports multiple inheritance. You can of course call it in any way you would call a normal method:

this._super([arg1[, arg2[, ...]]);[, arg1[, arg2[, ...]]);
this._super.apply(thisArg, [argsArray]);

You can string extensions together (multiple inheritance):

var HummingBird = Animal.extnd(Bird).extnd({
    flapsVeryFast: true,
    carefulWithThisObject: {
        flapCount: 0

    fastFlapping: function () {
        // wow, much flapping

It is worth noting that flapsVeryFast and carefulWithThisObject variable exists in the class-scope. flapsVeryFast is a primitive and so it will be copied to all instances. However carefulWithThisObject is an Object and it will be shared, therefore making a flapCount incrementor here a bad idea as all instances will increment it. To create variables in instance-scope create them inside a Function e.g. this.carefulWithThisObject = ...


Released under the MIT license (see LICENSE for jargon).


Michal Kot for his multiple inheritance idea