MXUnit test launcher plugin for Sublime Text 2
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MXUnit Test Launcher Plugin for Sublime Text 2

Provides commands for launching the currently open file as an MXUnit test case (opens in browser) and for launching an MXUnit testsuite.


You can get to the settings through Preferences->Package Settings->MXUnit. Options are:

  • base_url: The root url for your tests, without trailing slash. e.g. http://localhost/tests
  • base_path: The root path on your machine that maps to the url, without trailing slash
  • test_suite: Url, relative to the base_url, for running a test suite, e.g. /TestSuite.cfm

Example Settings Configuration



  • launch_test: Launches the current file as an MXUnit test in the browser (shift-alt-t)
  • launch_test_suite: Launches the test suite in the browser (shift-alt-s)

Windows Installation (XP, Vista & Windows 7)

  • Download and Unzip package from the GitHub project page
  • Create a folder in %AppData%\Sublime Text 2\Packages called "MxUnit"
  • Copy the contents of the unzipped folder to %AppData%\Sublime Text 2\Packages\MxUnit
  • Restart Sublime Text 2