Reference web application for Spring technologies and social destination for Spring developers.
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Greenhouse Reference Application
Greenhouse is a Java web application built for the Spring community that has two primary goals:
1. Serve as a open-source, public-facing reference and driver for Spring technology,
   including Spring MVC, Security, Integration, and the new Spring Social and Mobile projects.
2. Help foster and support our passionate application developer community through the development of useful community services.

- Extensive use of Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Spring Social, Spring Mobile, Spring Security, and Spring Integration projects.
- An OAuth-based App Catalog that allows Developers to develop new client apps for which users may establish Account->App connections.
- The ability to connect your local Greenhouse Account to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TripIt ServiceProviders.
- Member Sign Up, Sign In, and Reset Password Modules.
- A Member Invite Module allowing you to invite your Facebook friends and email contacts.
- A Member Badge (Award) System that rewards members for community participation.
- A mobile web version of the app that can be used across multiple smartphone platforms.
- A Group Event Management Module for powering Spring events, such as conferences and user group meetings.
- Numerous Spring Framework contributions in the areas of:
  Data (S3 File Storage and RDMS Migrations), Web (Email Templating, Flash Map, Comet).
- An agile Continuous Deployment CI Process

Building and Running from the Command Line
To build, simply execute 'mvn install' and deploy the resulting .war to any Servlet 2.5 >, such as Tomcat.
By default, the app will run in 'embedded' mode which does not require any external setup.

You may also launch Tomcat from the command line by invoking the Tomcat 7 Maven plugin:
	mvn clean install t7:run

Access the deployed webapp at http://localhost:8080/greenhouse

Building and Running from a Maven/Java Dynamic Web-project-capable IDE, such as Eclipse/SpringSource Tool Suite:
Simply import "as a Maven Project" into your IDE and deploy the project to your IDE's embedded servlet container.

The Greenhouse Development Team