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DMNK Shelf | Workflow oriented Python Scripts / HDAs
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DMNK Shelf | Workflow oriented Python Scripts / HDAs

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DMNK Shelf is a set of Python Scripts and HDAs to speed up your workflow. All tools are designed to be easy to use and take away the manual labour involved with daily tasks an artist may face. Render related scripts work with all major engines except Mantra. (Arnold, Octane, Redshift, Renderman, VRay)

If you'd like to financially support me you can pay what you want on Gumroad.

Current Toolset

Tool Functionality
Asset Checker Manages missing files in your project & more!
Material Importer Quickly imports textures and builds whole shading networks.
SpeedTree Importer One-Click solution to import SpeedTree assets.
fSpy Importer Imports JSON files from fSpy
Intel + Nvidia Denoiser An HDA to process renders with Intel or Nvidia denoiser in PDG.
ACES Batch Converter An HDA to batch convert images and textures to ACES in PDG.
ACES Convert A simple HDA to save a few clicks when converting an image to ACES in COPs.

All tools have been tested in Houdini 17.5 on Windows 10. Only minimal testing happened on Linux.

Note: The Denoiser HDA requires the pre-compiled versions from Declan Russel

Installation Guide

  1. Download the latest release
  2. Unpack the file to your desired location
  3. Set up your environment with the new packages system or the old houdini.env system. Example files are provided in the main directory. Packages file or houdini.env
  4. Add the 'DMNK' shelf to your toolbar.
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