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OpenLayers Control Geocoder

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A geocoder extension compatible with OpenLayers v6.x to 9.0.0

geocoder anim


You can see

What's new in 4.3.4 ?

  • SAME AS v43.3.3. Sorry for this unusefull commit.
  • #284 keepOpen flag not working for Submit Button
  • #285 The marker is an external dependency
  • #286 mapquest API change


The plugin supports (for now) the following providers:

Custom Providers

You can also write your own provider, passing an instance of it to the Geocoder constructor via the provider property of the options argument.

For an example of defining and using a custom provider see examples/custom-provider.js

Custom providers must implement the following methods:


  • options {Object}
    • query Search string entered by the user;
    • lang {string} Preferable language;
    • limit {number} Limit of results;


  • results {Object} Parsed JSON response from API call

npm install ol-geocoder

CDN hosted - jsDelivr

Load CSS and Javascript:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>
CDN hosted - unpkg

Load CSS and Javascript:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>
Github pages hosted

Load CSS and Javascript:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>
Self hosted

Download latest release and (obviously) load CSS and Javascript.

Instantiate with some options and add the Control
const geocoder = new Geocoder('nominatim', {
  provider: 'mapquest',
  key: '__some_key__',
  lang: 'pt-BR', //en-US, fr-FR
  placeholder: 'Search for ...',
  targetType: 'text-input',
  limit: 5,
  keepOpen: true
Listen and do something when an address is chosen
geocoder.on('addresschosen', (evt) => {
  const feature = evt.feature,
    coord = evt.coordinate,
    address = evt.address;
  // some popup solution
  content.innerHTML = '<p>' + address.formatted + '</p>';



new Geocoder(type, options)

  • type {String} - Maybe later we will have other types like 'reverse'. So for now just pass 'nominatim'.

  • options is an object with the following possible properties:

    • provider : 'osm' (default), 'mapquest', 'photon', 'pelias', 'bing', 'opencage', custom provider instance; Your preferable provider;
    • url : '''; API provider url;
    • key : ''; API Key if required;
    • label : ''; Label to display at top of input div;
    • placeholder : 'Search for an address'; Placeholder for text input;
    • targetType : 'glass-button'; Can also be 'text-input';
    • featureStyle :; Feature style;
    • lang : 'en-US'; Preferable language;
    • limit : 5; Limit of results; If limit = 1 : don't display the list but directly fies to the first found;
    • countrycodes : ''; Only valid for osm and mapquest; Limit search results to a specific country (or a list of country codes separated with commas FR,US). This is an [ISO 3166-1alpha2 code] (, e.g. gb for the United Kingdom, br for Brazil, etc;
    • viewbox : ''; The preferred area to find search results. Any two corner points of the box are accepted as long as they span a real box. (string) ',,,' x is longitude, y is latitude (EPSG:4326);
    • keepOpen : false; Whether the results keep openned;
    • preventDefault : false; Whether panning (and creating marker) when an address is chosen;
    • preventPanning : false; When true, prevent panning, but create marker, when an address is chosen;
    • preventMarker : false; When true, prevent creating marker, but provide panning, when an address is chosen;
    • defaultFlyResolution : 10; (meters per pixel) resolution to fly to when only coords & not bbox is returned by the provider;
    • target : null; html element to attach the selector to (outside the map);
    • debug : false; If true logs provider's response;

Instance Methods


Returns the layer {ol.layer.Vector} created by Geocoder control.


Returns the source {ol.source.Vector} created by Geocoder control.


@param {String} provider

Sets a new provider.


@param {String} key

Sets provider key.


Triggered when an address is chosen
geocoder.on('addresschosen', function(evt) {
  // it's up to you;

Text input customisation

You can customize the text input control using the js parameters to

  • Add a label inside the input field
  • Attach the control out of the map
  • One touch position access (avoid the 5 positions choice)

See the demo

Glass button customisation

You can customize the glass button using css (to include after ol-geocoder.css) For example :

/* Change the button position */
.ol-geocoder.gcd-gl-container {
  position: initial;
  float: left;
  height: 26.75px;
  width: 26.75px;
  margin: 2px !important;
.ol-geocoder .gcd-gl-btn {
  position: initial;
  height: 24.75px;
  width: 24.75px;
/* Customise the button aspect */
.ol-geocoder .gcd-gl-btn:after {
  content: "\1F50E"; /* Inverse loop */
  font-size: 15px;
/* Don't fotget to change the position of the input & result fields */
.ol-geocoder .gcd-gl-expanded {
  overflow: visible;
.ol-geocoder .gcd-gl-input {
  top: 30px;
  left: 1px;
.ol-geocoder .gcd-gl-search {
  top: 28px;
  left: 175px;
.ol-geocoder .gcd-gl-result {
  top: 61px !important;
  left: 66px !important;