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A type safe material design with bootstrap builder for java developer with GWT without dependencies on external JavaScript.

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Quick insight

Type safe

Domino-ui is Java based compiled to JavaScript, which means during development of the application you have the power to refactor and keep your app maintainable all the time, but also you develop your application with the mature set of all tool chain java can provide, this include extremely powerful IDEs and mature build tools like maven and gradle, use domino-ui and bring your java team to the frontend world.



Domino-ui cares about performance and functionality, but also cares about elegance, enterprise applications could be rich and crowded but when you use domino-ui rich components you will also have neat smooth friendly screens, with proper spacing, consistent color palette and just the right amount of effects and animations you bring the users of the application to love it.


Rich Data table

Almost every enterprise application uses data tables, domino-ui realise this fact and provides a rich, functional and elegant data table which is extendable with a rich set of ready to use plugins like selection plugin, marker plugin, record details plugin, search plugin and more, but this is not limited since the user can write his own plugins, and even better we are continuously adding more plugins.


Rich forms

Having rich interactive forms is essential for enterprise applications, domino-ui has a rich set of form controls that enables the developer to easily implement both simple and complex form, with the smooth easy to use API making the forms interactive is an easy task, validating user input is a simple call, and of course with a proper data binding mechanism to read and fill form from data objects.


Typography & Font icons

Icons and Typography can enhance the user experience of the application, domino-ui has a very good of font icons that can bring forms and other elements in the page into life, and this not only applies for enterprise applications but also for simple application like blogs, in domino-ui creating typography elements is very easy and stylish.


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