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Test of HDMI out at 720p60 on Arty S7 board

This uses souce from my Spartan6 TPU CPU/SoC to implement an HDMI/DVI-D test on the Arty S7 Spartan 7 board.

NOTE: I have tested on an Arty S7 Revision B board. If you have Rev E, you may need to use the Rev E constraint file instead.

Output is via the 4 differential pairs of 'High Speed' PMOD port JA. You can use an HDMI connector breakout to map the pins to an HDMI cable.

Pin HDMI Pin Description
1 9 TMDS0+
2 7 TMDS0-
3 4 TMDS1+
4 6 TMDS1-
5 2,5,8,11,13,17,plug surround GND of all HDMI connector signals
6 x No Connection
7 1 TMDS2+
8 3 TMDS2-
10 12 TMDSCLK-
11 x No Connection
12 x No Connection

I have managed up to 1080p60 and 1440p30 with slightly out of spec timings on an HDMI monitor, using a 1m cable.