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Geo-fancing code for the OGN platform This code allows you to receive notifications via bot telegram bot when an aircraft connected to the platform OGN ( enters a pre-established area.

Step 1: git clone git clone

Step 2: Downlaod 1 Downlaod 2

Put the two files inside python-ogn-client

Step 3: Open file

Step 4: Change these parts:

1.  Send text message
    bot_token = 'YOUR_API'      (You need to create a bot with Botfather and get your API key)
    bot_chatID = 'YOUR_ID'

2. if(inRange_square(plane, #minLAT, #maxLat, #minLon, #maxLon, #minAlt, #maxAlt)): #Your cordinate area

Step 5: Run via terminal