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This is a docker image to run Jekyll against a git repository. This is essentially githubpages in a docker image. This docker image uses nginx, Jekyll, uwsgi and supervisor.

Configuration of docker image

The git repository URL is passed as an environment variable to the docker image. The environment variable is named REPO.

Triggering builds

To initiate a rebuild, you can use your browser to load http://yourserver/cgi/buildsite.sh

For an automatic build, you can set up a git service hook that posts to that URL on a git push. Your site will rebuild when you push changes to your repository.


This will host your Jekyll built site on local port 8080.

sudo docker run -p :8080:80 -e REPO=[YOUR REPO URL HERE] dmcnamara/dockerjekyllpages

The repository URL is the URL to the .git file. For example, on github, it would be something like https://github.com/username/myrepo.git

Release Notes

0.1 Initial release.

  • It seems to work.