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def searchForWarehouse(String warehouseSearchCriteria, String nameOfWarehouse){
/* Enter a Warehouse and confirm the Warehouse exists
* @param warehouseSearchCriteria, search criteria of the Warehouse to look for
* @param nameOfWarehouse, the text that should be returned for Warehouse details
* @return that the Warehouse was found, otherwise an error
KeywordLogger log = new KeywordLogger()
//Enter search criteria
WebUI.setText(findTestObject('Project/Search Warehouse/input-Search Warehouse'), warehouseSearchCriteria)
//Confirm there are results
int returnedResults=WebUI.getText(findTestObject('Project/Search Warehouse/text-Warehouse Search - Results Found')).replaceAll("[^0-9]","").toInteger()
if (returnedResults==0) {
log.logWarning('ERROR: No results were returned. No Warehouse matches the search criteria.')
log.logWarning('ERROR: The Warehouse ' + warehouseSearchCriteria + ' is not valid')
} else {
//Does the Warehouse result contain the expected criteria?
String WarehouseName=WebUI.getText(findTestObject('Project/Search Warehouse/link-Name of Returned Warehouse'))
log.logWarning('Warehouse Name= ' + WarehouseName)
if (WarehouseName.contains(nameOfWarehouse)==true){
log.logWarning('SUCCESS: The expected Warehouse Name was returned')
} else {
log.logError('ERROR: The expected Warehouse Name was not returned')
KeywordUtil.markFailed('ERROR: The expected Warehouse Name was not returned')
//Look for several Warehouse locations and verify results are returned
//Search by City Name
searchForWarehouse('ukiah', 'Project Warehouse #111 UKIAH, CA')
searchForWarehouse('tallahassee', 'Project Warehouse #222 TALLAHASSEE, FL')
searchForWarehouse('worcester', 'Project Warehouse #333 WORCESTER, MA')
//Search by Warehouse Number
searchForWarehouse('646', 'Project Warehouse #646 W MILWAUKEE, WI')
searchForWarehouse('997','Project Warehouse #997 BILOXI, MS')
searchForWarehouse('999','This Warehouse does not exist')
//Search by State