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Scripts for testing using Cucumber and Raspberry Pi
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Cucumber Pi

Turn a Rasberry Pi into an automated testing unit with the following features:

  • Xvfb + Iceweasel (For headless X sessions.)
  • Ruby
  • Watir-Webdriver
  • Cucumber
  • Headless
  • Selenium Server
  • Selenium Grid
  • Node.js



Create a bootable Raspbian card (From OSX)

You should have a Raspberry Pi attached to an HDMI/DVI display, keyboard/mouse and ethernet.

  1. Insert SD card in reader on your computer
  2. git clone
  3. cd cucumberpi
  4. rake
  5. Follow prompts
  6. Remove card from your computer and insert into Raspberry pi
  7. Power up Raspberry Pi and complete the setup. It's not necessary to perform the upgrade set at this time. The bootstrap script will take care of it.

Install all the things!

  1. Log into the Raspberry Pi as the user pi
  2. wget -qO- | sudo sh
  3. Go get a beer, it's gonna be a while.


  1. The Xvfb environmnet runs on display 99 (export DISPLAY=:99)
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