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a collection of personal scripts and libraries
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a collection of personal scripts. A few worked way back in time, some need a complete rewrite but 90% are perfectly usable.

List Archlinux's installed packages by size. By Allan McRae

Hash a SSL certificate

Old script to post on Twitter with Basic Authentication. Need to be updated with OAuth but I've since switched to TTYtter

A script to compare images in a directory for similarity. It returns only those similar but not identical in a list. At this moment the list contains all images that have at least another very similar but doesn't check if they are similar with all the other images in the list, ending up with different couples of similar images but not all very similar. I found it too long to loop again and again to check all the images among themselves or return different lists for each group of similar images

Browse (sub)reddits with the Reddit client cortex. Totally an hack, subscribing them on Reddit is much easier but I didn't want to read all my subscriptions each time so I wrote this script to choose what and when to browse

Not my script originally, I just made it Python 3.2 compatible


Delete a random choice of files in a directory by a given percentage. Seems totally pointless but you'll never imagine the use case that made me write it... :)

Deploy script for dotfiles here on Github. Untested.


Search and insert words and definitions in a SQLite dictionary of multiple languages

Boot script for DWM

A simple dzen statusbar

Weather script with icons for Dzen


Useful for Newsbeuter or other similar cli softwares that can't show images in terminals. It checks whether a url is to an image, and open it in feh, or to something else, and open it in the browser

fehgallery.lua and

Sort images in a directory and feed them to feh. Also, delete feh's filelist files if present. Same script written in Lua and Python

Print the current IP. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are shown

A very raw HD benchmark tool

CLI unread count of my 2 GMail accounts. I used this as input for an AwesomeWM widget before the gmail one from vicious was implemented. Nowadays it's superfluous (and in need of refactoring...)

Remove exiv tags from all the images in the current directory. People add all sorts of absurd tags to their images...

A script to download the latest 30 posts matching an hashtags' list on Instagram. Requires instaloader


The basename shell command implemented in Lua


A quite raw benchmark for Lua scripts


Compare tables for equality, after having "setified" them, in Lua


The dirname shell command implemented in Lua


DNS lookup in NodeJS


Random number generator


Get current user's home directory


Iterate over nested tables in Lua


List files with just ls instead of using lua-filesystem (which has more features of course)

lib/markdown-print.css and lib/markdown.css

Css for markdown files converted to html, printed or shown on screen


Go parser of Markdown file to HTML


Quick wrapper for error checking for functions that must run (panic if don't)


A skeleton of a function parsing cli arguments in Lua


A generator of prime numbers based on Goroutines and channels


Convert an integer representing the seconds in minutes or a full representation of a clock (HH:MM:SS)


Dead simple web server in Golang

Output a magnet link to a torrent file to save it for future re-use

Make a gif from a video using FFmpeg. Quick and Dirty (size, duration are hardencoded).


Script to query the Google Maps API for results matching a specific category of places around Krakow. This was a base for a full web app that never saw the light. An API key is needed


Convert all markdown files in a path to html


Launch MPlayer while disabling screensaver, DPMS settings and any compositing manager. When MPlayer exits, it reapplies the previous settings, and

Launch scripts for Nautilus. Not actually using them since years

Save network upload and download statistics in a file. Sum the numbers if from the same day (to take into account reboots)

Output url and title from an article in newsbeuter in a file. I used, and occasionally use still, this to tweet the interesting news from the rss feeds I follow


Quick script for the browser console to check whether links on a page are nofollow or dofollow.

Returns the name of a file, randomly picked in a given path among those matching an extension (or any kind of file at all if no extension is selected)

Use plowdown to download in parallel when downloading from different sites

Take a desktop screenshot with just a few Python lines


Randomly choose and open a manpage. I found this to be an extremely quick and funny way to discover hidden features and commands of your system

Removing some useless directories/files in ~

Debug AwesomeWM with Xephyr. It can easily adapted to any other WM

Save bandwidth stats to a text file, ready to be loaded in Tiddlywiki

Format files containing BBCode. More informations in the script itself

Print files and directories that are bigger than 1Mb. I use this to discover what is eating up all the disk space in a partition

A pretty basic, and not that useful, blog/site backup script

Clean using go clean archive files and executable binaries created with go install and go get in your $GOPATH and

2 scripts to clean undodir and views directories under ~/.vim/ to delete references to files that are not present anymore on disk and thus save space. Probably not useful today with >1TB disks but I hate wasting space

Launched at boot from your WM/DE, it detects thanks to xinput whether a mouse is present or not and disable/enable the touchpad accordingly. It goes along with the udev rules, completing it as with udev it can only be detected when a mouse is plugged in or off, not when it's already plugged in at boot. "Lachesis" is my mouse, of course

Download a single file from a specific repository on Github

Convert Dos/Unix newline format

Restore UEFI boot menu entries. Of course only those I use/care about

An entropy-generating script. I use this when I need to overwrite a partition or disk with random data for security reasons. As I'm paranoid, /dev/urandom isn't enough

A wrapper for

Extract all URLs from a file

Save the flash video opened in firefox. Not working with all files/sites

Remove all those .thumbnails/ directories under a path. I hate keeping 5 years old thumbnails of files that have been removed ages ago...

Convert an IPv4 address to its IPv6 equivalent

Move Firefox profiles in a file mounted in memory

Create thumbnails for images in a directory

Merge all html files in a directory in a single page

Transfer a directory containing music to the sdcard Music/ directory on Android phones. Not using this anymore, mounting the phone via usb is quicker

Open mailto links in mutt

Extract every page of a pdf as jpg images

Update the proxy address used by pianobar to access Pandora outside the US

Make a playlist out of music files in a directory and optionally convert flacs to oggs

Output a serie of Unicode characters on the terminal. For the times when you know there's a character in the Unicode table but don't know the code and can't remember the name. Of course I've only added those I find more useful

Mount my private, cryptsetup encrypted partition and start the MPD daemon. Automatic detection of different partition, on desktop or laptop

Check whether a proxy is working and is from the US by trying to access (as it is blocked here in Italy, if I can access it it must be an US address)

Add currently playing song in MPD to a playlist using ncmpcpp or cmus (quite easily expanded for other players). The original script allowed only to rate songs in aptly named playlists (1 to 5) but this permits to use any name for the playlist

Audio cd ripping script (to mp3, ogg or flac)

Disable/enable the touchpad. When writing long texts on a laptop the fingers can move the pointer and it's annoying. Disabling the touchpad removes the problem

A libnotify notification for completed torrents in Transmission

Tweets current playing song (from ncmpcpp) via TTYtter. This must be configured already

This is a old script, but still working, that I used when I did some video editing. Basically it generates an image containing informations such as filename, size, lenght and codec of a video along with a series of thumbnails to show off its content. I never tweaked it more than "black backround, fixed spacing between thumbs" though, I just needed something that didn't force me to depend on external programs.

Mount an encrypted partition on a usb hd that I use for backups.

Completely disable and power off the Atheros wifi card on the Asus 1005H netbook

Use a video as desktop background with xwinwrap. I have no idea why anybody would want to but it's a funny trick


Show IP addresses for a host


A launcher for Sopcast streaming links. I had a Bash function for this but it was convoluted to kill the Sopcast process when exiting the video player. Go handles this case much more easily


Systemd service for wired networks

systemd/ttytter-screen.service and systemd/ttytter-tmux.service

Launch TTYtter under screen or tmux as a self-respawning daemon with Systemd

Open a 3 windows tmux session, one for each of html, css and js files to edit. Specifically made for website projects

Open 2 split windows in tmux, changing paths to the project's to work on

Old shell TTYtter startup script that I used before switching to Systemd. It checks whether a tmux session containing TTYtter is already running and reattaches to it or if it's not, launch one. This is for WM that are launched by \startx as a DM implements already the same functionalities



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