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A disgruntled football fan in search of only next favourite's team match and relative standings practical solution. Only the teams I care about, only the league standings I watch.
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When Is My Team Playing?

standard-readme compliant

Have you ever wanted to know just when your favourite's team next match is? Have you ever looked for league standings and found yourself clicking deeper and deeper your sports' site of choice to find it? Have you ever been bored of wading through, gossip, rambling, opinions, bold declarations and market speculations just to know when you'll need to set an evening aside to watch your favourite team's next match?

I have. Plenty of times.

Therefore I created this small project to just let me know when are the next interesting matches of my favourite teams and where they're on the league. Simple, no fuss, no ads, no stats. Just the fixtures and the standings.

This project is also a test bed for playing with jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap. I wrote this in a couple of days and plan to modify it from time to time. Probably it is of no use to you until a search is implemented. Until then, fork and change the teams/leagues.

See it in action


PRs accepted. Fork to select your own teams.


Football data come from the amazing


MIT © Gianluca Fiore


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