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Mirror of the Shadow Brokers dump

The Shadow Brokers have released a new dump which appears to contain Windows exploits and operational records. I'm mirroring it on Github and will update the README to point to files of interest.

Original file hashes

7c19a67d728bc700d18d2ed389a80de495681b7097222d9b8f1d696f0986f9a2  odd.tar.xz.gpg
78b89b2c4b129400150c7b60a426ff469aaea31da1588d2abc4180feaa9c41d3  swift.tar.xz.gpg
c28d5c10ec78bc66d3868e4862c7f801ffd561e2116b529e0782bf78f3ef3255  windows.tar.xz.gpg