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Make "assign-postgres-password" work as explicitly coded

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1 parent 39af229 commit 8392b752591bb91db248892b21f5f7ce8b150d7a @davidc-donorschoose davidc-donorschoose committed Jan 7, 2013
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@@ -73,15 +73,18 @@
notifies :reload, 'service[postgresql]', :immediately
-# Default PostgreSQL install has 'ident' checking on unix user 'postgres'
-# and 'md5' password checking with connections from 'localhost'. This script
-# runs as user 'postgres', so we can execute the 'role' and 'database' resources
-# as 'root' later on, passing the below credentials in the PG client.
+# NOTE: Consider two facts before modifying "assign-postgres-password":
+# (1) Passing the "ALTER ROLE ..." through the psql command only works
+# if passwordless authorization was configured for local connections.
+# For example, if pg_hba.conf has a "local all postgres ident" rule.
+# (2) It is probably fruitless to optimize this with a not_if to avoid
+# setting the same password. This chef recipe doesn't have access to
+# the plain text password, and testing the encrypted (md5 digest)
+# version is not straight-forward.
bash "assign-postgres-password" do
user 'postgres'
code <<-EOH
echo "ALTER ROLE postgres ENCRYPTED PASSWORD '#{node['postgresql']['password']['postgres']}';" | psql
- not_if "echo '\connect' | PGPASSWORD=#{node['postgresql']['password']['postgres']} psql --username=postgres --no-password -h localhost"
action :run

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