Formatting Calculations In Place

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The TextMate bundle for FileMaker provides a Tidy command. But sometimes it's not worth the round trip to TextMate if your interaction with the calculation is minimal. That's what the FileMaker: Format Calc service is for. Just select your text, run the service from your contextual menu, and there you go – your calculation is formatted!

The download also contains a plain script that you can run any way of your choosing (scripts menu, Quicksilver, dock, etc). Just copy your text, run the script and paste.

Installation Instructions

Download and unzip the package above. Simply copy the FileMaker/ Format Calc file into the following directory. (Create the folder if needed.)



Is there a way to customize the formatting?

Yes, but only if you hack the file. (Hint: Open the package contents of the service and edit the file.) I hope to provide better support for preferences in the future.

Why isn't the service enabled when I'm in FileMaker's calculation dialog?

In other words, the services are grayed out under your Apple () menu. I don't know why. But you can call your service via the contextual menu (i.e., right-clicking)

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