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Feedback Loophole is an experimental audiovisual performance.
Processing Java
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Feedback Loophole

Feedback Loophole is a simple drawing program, utilizing the Minim audio library. It takes input from the microphone and translates it to movement of objects.

I recommend using it with an external microphone, so you can control gain manually.


— install Processing from

— open .pde file

— play around


You control the program using the mouse. Below is a crude mouse area diagram.

:--------------SMALL SHAPE----------------:
:SLOW FADE---------------------FAST FADE:
:---------------LARGE SHAPE-----------------:

In addition to this, clicking and holding the left or right mouse button moves the shapes in different ways.

As you can see, the controls aren't very thought out from a user's UX perspective or a performance perspective, they are currently placeholders untill I make some more performance friendly solution.

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