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Hobby project to learn about x86, assemblers, compilers etc..
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An assembler for x86.

Note: For any questions or anything of the like feel free to create either an Issue or email me at the address listed on my profile.


  • Will require python (version 3) installed globally
  • premake5 (not required for Windows - for Windows premake5 is bundled with the repo)
  • A C++11 compiler (only tested with MSVC as of Visual Studio 2017 so far).


  • Clone the repository
  • You probably want to be on the v3 branch (that's where development is happening currently).
  • Follow the instructions for your platform (detailed below).
  • Windows

    • Run cb premake to generate the Visual Studio Project Files.

    • (Command Line) Run cb build to build the project.

    • (Command Line) The project can then be run by calling the asm batch file with your arguments
      e.g. asm -s input_file.asm ...

    • (Visual Studio) Open the project files in visual studio

    • (Visual Studio) Set the cCompiler-as project as the startup project.

    • (Visual Studio) Build & Run as normal from visual studio.

    • It is recommnded to use the command line approach (aka using the cb build utility script)

    • cb command line reference

      • cb premake Run premake and generate Visual Studio project files as well as running some python code generation.
      • cb build Invoke msbuild and build the project
      • cb test Run the unit test suite (cb build will build the tests)
      • cb devenv Open Visual Studio
      • cb clean Delete the build folder as well as all Visual Studio project files.
  • Linux

    • todo: fill this in
  • MacOS

    • todo: fill this in.
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