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Doom Reborn

Build status

Source code modified from the original DOOM 3 for the Doom Reborn mod

To build, just use the included visual studio solution.

You will need a copy of Doom 3 and the assets for the Doom Reborn mod

Enabling Parallax Occlusion Mapping

Parallax Occlusion Mapping is disabled by default.

To enable it again use image_usecompression console command passing 1 or 0 to enable/disable, then use vid_restart to update.

The screen will go black then come back grey for a few seconds while it reloads, don't worry that's normal.

Found a bug?

Please report it! we welcome any helpful bug reports or suggestions.


  • Michael Hanlon (>>GameHacKeR<<) - (Current Leader, Mapper, Texture Artist, Other Odd Jobs)
  • Brent de Carteret - (Project Founder\Co-Leader, Coder, Web design, Object modeller, Mapper)
  • Reinchard - (Creator of remade Doom Guy face in the hud and some of his remade textures and new menu buttons and skull face)
  • Jonny - (New coder has redone some of Brents older code and added alot of cool things, I can't thank him enough for his help)
  • Dafama2k7 - (Creator of the Doom Reborn Pre-beta Version 1.5 mod which some of the changes have made it into Pre-beta version 1.6)

Pre release testers:

  • Dr_Penquinatrix
  • Christopher Hazzlet
  • Grimori
  • Innomen
  • Lucasgodzilla
  • Mwcool
  • TeaMonster

Past Contributors:

  • Apz Feak - ( Texture Artist, Map Object Modeller, Item modeller, Monster/weapon Skinner)
  • Pablo_messier - (Mapper)
  • Neurological_1 - (Music)
  • Lab_Rat - (Mapper)
  • Stine - (GFX Artest)
  • Gazz - (Managing Support)
  • Striderdm1 - (Tester) Old Member
  • Cristiano Salvati - (Music) E1M5 Sample