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Death Recap data

This directory contains the data for the Death Recap article. The data consists of information from six fights that resulted in a player being killed, with each row corresponding to an event that contributed to the player's death.

Column Description
fight_id ID of the fight. There are six total fights, therefore six fight IDs (1-6).
time Time at which an event took place (in seconds, game time).
source Source of the damage. Usually a champion, sometimes a turret.
ability Ability used to do damage/CC. Can be ability, passive, auto, or item.
damage Amount of damage done with the ability.
type Type of damage dealt from ability. Can be either Magical, Physical, True, or None.
cc Type of CC applied during event, if any. Left as None if not applicable.
cc_duration Duration of CC applied during event. Left as 0 if no CC applied or if instant CC.
fight_gif Corresponding GIF of fight to the event. GIFs hosted on GFYCAT. Column contains URLs for GIF.
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