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Inting Sion and execute analysis data

These two datasets correspond to the Inting Sion article.

Patch 8.20 Execute Analysis dataset

This dataset has the death and execute statistics for each champion in patch 8.20. Each row corresponds to a champion.

Column Description
champion Champion name
n_games Number of games champion appeared in
executes Total times executed
all_deaths Total number of deaths
execute_rate_per_100 Executes per 100 games
total_death_rate Deaths per game
class Class that champion belongs to, e.g."Fighter"

Inting Sion dataset

This dataset has the data for the Inting Sion plot. Each row corresponds to a day between 9/15/18 and 11/23/18.

Column Description
date The day, in M/D/Y format. Ranges from 9/15/18 to 11/23/18
avg_deaths_all Overall average champion deaths per game
avg_deaths_sion Average Sion deaths per game
n_games_sion Number of games Sion appeared in
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