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Choose Your Path jungle tool data

This directory contains the data used in the creation of the Choose Your Path tool and the Hacking the Jungle with Data Science article. This data contains jungler positions from minute 1 to minute 6 for nearly 100,000 matches in each file where each row represents the position data for a jungler from one match at a particular time point. All data came from patches 9.1 and 9.2 from matches that were diamond average or better on the North American server

The "jungle_positions_blue_side.csv" file contains blue-side jungler data, and the "jungle_positions_red_side.csv" file contains red-side jungler data.

Column Description
matchId Number that uniquely identifies each match (from Riot API)
participantId Number that identifies a player in a particular match (From Riot API)
win Value of 1 if jungler went on to win, and 0 if they went on to lose
position1 The jungler's position at 1:00 as a coordinate: [x-position, y-position]
position2 Same as above, for 2:00
position3 Same as above, for 3:00
position4 Same as above, for 4:00
position5 Same as above, for 5:00
position6 Same as above, for 6:00
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