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Nexus Blitz alpha data

These three datasets correspond to the Nexus Blitz Numbers article.

Jungle pair data

This dataset has 9867 rows, each corresponding to a pair of junglers played in the Nexus Blitz alpha in North America.

Column Description
champ1 The first champion in the pair, e.g. "Anivia"
champ2 The second champion in the pair
winrate The % of games won by this jungle duo
ngames The number of Nexus Blitz games played with this jungle duo

Champion stats by queue

This dataset has 564 rows and 12 columns. Each row corresponds to a champion in a game mode (e.g. Aatrox in ARAM). The columns correspond to different statistics calculated for these champions during the time the Nexus Blitz alpha was live.

Column Description
champion The champion, e.g. "Aatrox"
queueid The game mode: 420 (Ranked Solo), 450 (ARAM), 470 (TT), or 1200 (Nexus Blitz)
ngames Games played on the champion in that game mode
nwins Games won on that champion in that game mode
... (other end-of-game stats)
subclass The champion subclass as defined by Riot
class The champion class as defined by Riot

Daily play counts

This dataset has 83 rows, each corresponding to a day. The columns correspond to the number of games played in Nexus Blitz, Ranked, and ARAM in North America each day.

Column Description
date A day between 2018-07-20 and 2018-10-10.
nexus_blitz Nexus Blitz games played that day
ranked Ranked games played that day
aram ARAM games played that day
nexus_blitz_smooth Nexus Blitz games played, smoothed using a 7-day rolling mean**.
ranked_smooth Ranked games played, smoothed using a 7-day rolling mean.
aram_smooth ARAM games played, smoothed using a 7-day rolling mean.

** Note: In order to be able to show the play counts on the first few days of nexus blitz (which would normally be excluded by a 7-day rolling average), we allowed the average to be calculated as long as there were at least 2 games in the rolling window. So, on the first day of Nexus Blitz there was no smoothed value, but on the second day, there was one--- the average of the previous two days.

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