A First Person RPG with WebGL
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First Person RPG

A WebGL-powered, turn based RPG. Built on top of Three.js, webpack, npm, sass, and probably more. Presently in heavy development, but leaning toward a thoughtful combat system and a focus on exploration and investigation. All assets are created in Pixly and GIMP.

How to Play (easy mode)

I have this hosted at http://rpg-test.dorthu.com.


These are subject to change, and this might be out of date.

key action
arrows move
L look
U use object in world
1-0 select items in inventory
E use currently selected item in inventory
P push (attack)
space shoot (attack)


The code also runs as a level editor - just add ?editor=1 to the URL to the page to run it.

key action
E Editor select menu (type to find resources, enter to select them)
G Get contents of grid space in front of you
D delete tile
space Place current tile
/(\d+)/ space Place tile for $1 spaces
F space Flood fill tiles
W space Wall fill (add tiles in all empty spaces adjacent to those that would be hit with a flood fill)
/R(\d+)x(\d+)/ space Add a $1 x $2 room of tiles
escape Clear command buffer
S Serialize (dumps json version of level to DOM)
Q Toggle mat2
L disable gridlines

How to Play (developer mode)

git clone $THIS_REPO
cd es6-crpg
npm install

This should get the game running at localhost:8080