Beautiful Email
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.Mail is an open source project designed to make email beautiful and functional again. It is a front-end GUI over top of many powerful 3rd party libraries like MailCore2, ReactiveCocoa and our own Puissant. .Mail implements all the major email protocols: POP, IMAP and SMTP and hides implementation details, and quite a bit of error handling, behind a smart backend to make using the application as painless and smooth as possible.


(If necessary, remove the build folder from any previous iterations of DotMail)

  • Run
$ git clone --recursive ; cd DotMail ;  git submodule update -i --recursive
$ ./External/Puissant/External/ReactiveCocoa/script/bootstrap
  • After all the dependencies have been resolved and downloaded, open the enclosed Xcode Project.
  • Select DotMail from the schemes drop-down.
  • Select Run.


If you find a bug (which you totally won’t), report it! If you know how to fix it, open a pull request.


If you have any questions, comments, or want to contribute, you can reach me on Twitter @CodaFi_


DotMail is available under the MIT open source license. See for more details.

Please don’t distribute commercially without prior consent!