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TypeName SA1517CodeMustNotContainBlankLinesAtStartOfFile
CheckId SA1517
Category Layout Rules


The code file has blank lines at the start.

Rule description

To improve the layout of the code, StyleCop requires no blank lines at the start of files.

A violation of this rule occurs when one or more blank lines are at the start of the file.

How to fix violations

To fix a violation of this rule, remove the blank lines from the start of the file.

How to suppress violations

[SuppressMessage("StyleCop.CSharp.LayoutRules", "SA1517:CodeMustNotContainBlankLinesAtStartOfFile", Justification = "Reviewed.")]
#pragma warning disable SA1517 // CodeMustNotContainBlankLinesAtStartOfFile
#pragma warning restore SA1517 // CodeMustNotContainBlankLinesAtStartOfFile