Unsafe methods for working with unmanaged memory and pointers.
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Unsafe methods for working with pointers and unmanaged memory in a completely generic, not-type-safe way.


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The current NuGet package name is DotNetCross.Memory.Unsafe. It can be found here:


OBSOLETE NuGet Package Name and URL

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of including .dll in the package name when I first created the nuspec-file. This was later fixed (version >=, but also means people who have been referring to the package via DotNetCross.Memory.Unsafe.dll may not know this was changed to DotNetCross.Memory.Unsafe. Unfortunately, there was no way to redirect or rename the old package so users could be informed of this change.

Official .NET Core Package

The Unsafe class has now been added to .NET Core and exists as a separate package:


If in doubt, use this official package.


API surface currently, no doubt this will change until a stable API has been determined.

public static class Unsafe
    public static unsafe T Read<T>(void* p)
    public static unsafe void Write<T>(void* p, T value)
    public static unsafe void Write<T>(void* p, ref T value)
    public static unsafe int SizeOf<T>()
    public static T As<T>(object obj)
    public static unsafe void* AsPointer<T>(ref T value)
    public static unsafe void InitBlock(void* dst, byte initValue, uint size)
    public static unsafe void CopyBlock(void* dst, void* src, uint size)
public class Pinnable
    public byte Pin;



var ptr = stackalloc int[1];
*ptr = 42;
var v = Unsafe.Read<int>(ptr);
Assert.Equal(42, v);


var ptr = stackalloc int[1];
*ptr = 17;
Unsafe.Write<int>(ptr, 42);
Assert.Equal(42, ptr[0]);


var size = Unsafe.SizeOf<T>();

As + AsPointer

var array = new int[2];
array[0] = 42;
array[1] = 17;
fixed (void* pinPtr = &Unsafe.As<Pinnable>(array).Pin)
    void* firstPtr = Unsafe.AsPointer(ref array[0]);

    Assert.Equal(42, Unsafe.Read<int>(firstPtr));
    Assert.Equal(17, Unsafe.Read<int>((byte*)firstPtr + sizeof(int)));


var src = stackalloc byte[2];
src[0] = src[1] = 0x12;
var dest = stackalloc short[1];
Unsafe.CopyBlock(dest, src, 2);
Assert.Equal(0x1212, dest[0]);


var ptr = stackalloc byte[10];
Unsafe.InitBlock(ptr, 123, 10);
for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
    Assert.Equal(123, ptr[i]);