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A C# implementation of the OpenID, OAuth protocols
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This is the .Net OpenID library.

Getting Started

This release comes with libraries precompiled. To use the libraries in
an ASP.Net application, copy the dlls into ${YOUR_PROJECT}/bin. For
examples of integrating the libraries into ASP, take a look at the
consumer and server example web applications in the examples
directory. See the README file in that directory for more information
on running the examples.


Should you need to recompile the libraries, you will need the NAnt
(http://) build system and the Boo compiler
( Some examples of using the boo compiler
with NAnt can be found here: To
use the boo compiler with NAnt, you will need to copy
Boo.NAnt.Tasks.dll into your NAnt lib directory. Though the library is
written in Boo, all of the examples are written in C# since most
projects trying to integrate this library probably won't be written in
Boo. Once your environment is set up, you should be able to type:


Take a look at to choose a specific target to build.


Currently, there is no documentation with this release (coming soon!),
but you can find the documentation for the python version of the
openid library at as well as a general
overview of openid at


Send bug reports, suggestions, comments, and questions to

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