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Unleash your resw files with this Visual Studio extension: auto generation of strongly typed static properties, support of pluralization, strongly typed string formatting, etc...
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ReswPlus - Advanced File Code Generator for Resw files.

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ReswPlus is a Visual Studio extension enriching your existing .resw files with many highly valuable features:

  • Access to strings via strongly typed static properties.
  • Automatically generate methods to format your strings
    • Support typed and named parameters, literal strings, string references and Macros
  • Pluralization support (for 196 languages!).
    • Support empty states when the number of items is zero.
  • Variants support
  • Generate a Markup extension to access to your strings with compile-time verification.


  • Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 (all versions).
  • C#, VB.Net, C++/CX and C++/WinRT.


Resw Resw with ReswPlus Resx Android XML (for reference)
Modify UI properties via resource files (x:uid)
Generate strongly typed accessors
Generate String Formatting methods
Support Plural forms
Support 'None' state
Auto-generate methods for string formatting
Support literal strings in string formatter
Support Macros in string formatter
Support String references in string formatter
Strongly typed string formatting
Support Resources in libraries
Support String variants (including genders)

📦 Guide

How to install ReswPlus - Learn how to install ReswPlus for Visual Studio 2017 and 2019
Use ReswPlus in your project - Learn how to use ReswPlus in your projects

🔧 Features

Strongly Typed class generator

ReswPlus can generate a class exposing all strings from your .resw files as strongly typed static properties, providing a compile-time-safe way to access those strings XAML-side or code-side.

🗨 How to generate a strongly typed class


ReswPlus can add support of pluralization and plural forms to your localization strings. Plural forms of 196 languages are currently supported by ReswPlus.

🗨 How to add pluralization
⚙️ Support Empty States
⚙️ Languages supported

String Formatting

To simplify your ViewModels and Views, ReswPlus can directly manage the formatting of your localization and generate strongly typed methods to format your strings.

🗨 How to use String Formatting
⚙️ Named parameters
⚙️ Use String References
⚙️ Use Literal Strings
⚙️ Use Macros


ReswPlus can support many variants/versions of the same string and allow you to display the one you want based on criteria (variants to support genders, different messages depend on some criteria...)

🗨 How to use variants

.Net String formatting for C++ projects

String formatting in C++ is quite different and more complicated than in C#/VB.Net. ReswPlus provides a way to use the same string templates as you use in .Net (via String.Format) but in your C++ project, making your resource files shareable with .Net libraries and simplifying your code.

🗨 Use .Net String Formatting

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