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📦 Guide

How to install ReswPlus - Learn how to install ReswPlus for Visual Studio 2017 and 2019
Use ReswPlus in your project - Learn how to use ReswPlus in your projects

🔧 Features

Strongly Typed class generator

ReswPlus can generate a class exposing all strings from your .resw files as strongly typed static properties, providing a compile-time-safe way to access those strings XAML-side or code-side.

🗨 How to generate a strongly typed class


ReswPlus can add support of pluralization and plural forms to your localization strings. Plural forms of 196 languages are currently supported by ReswPlus.

🗨 How to add pluralization
⚙️ Support Empty States
⚙️ Languages supported

String Formatting

To simplify your ViewModels and Views, ReswPlus can directly manage the formatting of your localization and generate strongly typed methods to format your strings.

🗨 How to use String Formatting
⚙️ Named parameters
⚙️ Use String References
⚙️ Use Literal Strings
⚙️ Use Macros


ReswPlus can support many variants/versions of the same string and allow you to display the one you want based on criteria (variants to support genders, different messages depend on some criteria...)

🗨 How to use Variants

.Net String formatting for C++ projects

String formatting in C++ is quite different and more complicated than in C#/VB.Net. ReswPlus provides a way to use the same string templates as you use in .Net (via String.Format) but in your C++ project, making your resource files shareable with .Net libraries and simplifying your code.

🗨 Use .Net String Formatting

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