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# This is the official list of people who have contributed
# to the DotSpatial repository.
# People submitting code should be listed in this file (by email address).
# Names should be added to this file like so:
# Name <email address>
# Please keep the list sorted.
Original Author:
Ted Dunsford
Maxim Miroshnikov <>
Dan Ames
Darrel Brown
Yang Cao
Hugo Dejaune <>
Benjamin Dittes
Steve Donoghue <>
Kyle Ellison
Arnold Engelmann
Jesus Fernandez <>
Florian Fuchs <>
Jacob Gillespie
Jan Paolo Go <>
Bart de Groot <>
Peter Hammond
Angela Hillier
Eric Hullinger
Jiri Kadlec
Martin Karing <>
Jia Liang Liu
Brian Marchionni
Jon Pearson
Christoph Perger <>
Kandasamy Prasanna
Gerrit Schoups <>
Troy Shields
Ben tidyup Tombs
Tomaso Tonelli <>
Teva Veluppillai
Peder Wikstrom <>
Chris Wilson
Ping Yang
Trent Muhr
Joe Houghton
Matthias Schider <>
Ilya Sosnovsky <>
Bryan Price <>