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Releases: DotSpatial/DotSpatial


25 Apr 17:27
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  • Switched to VS2022
  • Switched to .Net 6


  • Fixed angle calculation for second and third quadrant (#1405)


22 Apr 12:36
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  • Label Setup dialog can now accept any font size (#1434)


  • Error when using wildcards in Symbology FilterExpression (#1160)


03 Mar 14:15
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  • JGD2011, EPSG from 6669 to 6687 (#1262)
  • Feature of determining the delta azimuth of three consecutive points (#1360)
  • InterSectionTool (#945)


  • Switched to VS2019
  • Switched to .Net Framework 4.7.2
  • Updated StyleCop.Analyzers to 1.1.118
  • Switched from DotSpatial.NetTopologySuite/DotSpatial.GeoAPI to NetTopologySuite 2.4.0
  • Updated NUnit to 3.13.2


  • Bug in extent calculation in WebMap plugin (#1367)
  • Issues related to the Plate Carree projection (#1078)
  • Multiple Changes on handling of GsdNadTable (#1059)
  • Naming of UTMNad1983 coordinate systems (#1423)
  • Failed to load spatialite layer (#1415)


27 Dec 11:38
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Be aware that code written for 1.9 will not work out of the box because DotSpatial.Topology was replaced by DotSpatial.GeoAPI and DotSpatial.NetTopologySuite (#786). Have a look at the Wiki for more information.


  • Aliases to Satellite of DotSpatial.Positioning
  • Switched to NTS/GeoAPI instead of DotSpatial.Topology (#633, #404, #786)
  • Tag property in ActionItem (#338)
  • Added property AppManager.BaseDirectory which allows to change base directory for plugins. (#758)
  • Support for formatted ESRI projection files (#793)
  • XML comments for publicly visible types and members
  • "Add layer to Map"-checkbox to the ToolDialog (#147)
  • CopySubset overloads with withAttributes parameters
  • Jenks Natural Breaks support in categories binning.
  • Test that checks correct creation of GpggkSentence objects from string
  • Constructing Shapefiles in memory as single zip archives (#885)
  • StyleCop.Analyzers to enforce a set of style and consistency rules
  • Chm file with DotSpatial API documentation
  • Example for Buffer.AddBuffer method (#1002)
  • Legend.UseLegendForSelection property to be able to decide whether the legend should be used for selection or not. (#1008)
  • Possibility to drag layers out of their group into the parent group (in legend) (#1008)
  • Clear parameter to Select function to speed up drawing (#1024)
  • LayoutControl.InitialOpenFileDirectory property that allows to set the folder that is shown in the OpenFileDialog that is used to open an existing layout
  • FeatureLayer.Snappable to indicate whether the layer can be used for snapping
  • The possibility to draw linestrings which are inside a geometry collection (#1061)
  • The possibility to use static methods to deserialize objects that were serialized to a dspx file and can't be deserialized correctly via their class constructor (FeatureSet, MapSelfLoadGroup, MapSelfLoadLayers from GdalExtension, SpatiaLiteFeatureSet) (#1061)
  • Default mouse cursor button in layout insert toolbar
  • A function to get a reprojected clone of a featureset
  • Auto display children of MapGroup is now an option of the MapFrame


  • Switched to VS2017 and C#7
  • Switched to .Net Framework 4.5.2 (#1083)
  • GdalExtension: Updated to GDAL 1.1.11
  • Demo and Apps projects should have build files (#120)
  • ExtensionManager & HideReleaseFromEndUser (#798)
  • Moved localizeable strings to resource files
  • Renamed FilterCollectionEM to FeatureSelectionExt because it contains extension methods for IFeatureSelection
  • Move FeatureSet.Filename / FilePath to DataSet (#821)
  • Changed Filename to absolute path so it stays the same even if CurrentDirectory is changed
  • Renamed IntervalMethod.Quantile to IntervalMethod.EqualFrequency for better consistency.
  • IHeaderControl.Add() now returns object which represents added GUI item.
  • Added authority and authority code as optional parameters to method ProjectionInfo.FromProj4String.
  • Update proj4 strings to EPSG db 9.0 (#870)
  • ShapeFile Numeric columns now loaded into double instead of string for up to 15 decimal digits (#893)
  • DS Feature refactorings (#906)
  • LegendText ReadOnly (#750)
  • Made Shapefile class abstract, because we already have FeatureSet for creating unspecified Shapefiles (#890)
  • Moved MapFrame extension methods to Group (#1008)
  • Drawing functions so selected features are drawn on top (#897)
  • ShapeEditors AddFeature and MoveVertex functions, so they snap only to the layers that allow snapping
  • ShapeEditors SnapSettingsDialog to allow the users to select the layers the editor functions may snap to
  • If a dxf file contains points, lines and polygons at the same time, the dxf file gets added to the map as a group that contains one layer for points, one for lines and one for polygons (#1061)
  • If a dxf file contains only a single feature type the dxf file gets added to the map as a single layer with the feature type it contains (#1061)
  • dxf files get loaded with their styles (#1061)
  • Show buttons from layout toolbars as checked while their function is active
  • replaced ContextMenu by ContextMenuStrip inside Legend, so we don't have to draw the images shown in the ContextMenu ourselves (#1069)
  • changed the background color of the LayerDialog and TabControlDialog tabs to Control so they have the same background color as the user controls they contain (#1069)


  • Removed DotSpatial.Topology assembly (#633)
  • Removed obsolete methods\properties (#797)
  • Removed DotSpatial.Mono assembly. Mono helper now is in DotSpatial.Data assembly.
  • Removed unnecessary methods in LayoutControl


  • Satellite's missing properties (#958)
  • Parameters for the Austrian Bundesmeldenetz in DotSpatial.Projections.ProjectedCategories.NationalGrids are incorrect (#855)
  • Raster extent shifts from correct extent (#725)
  • Inconsistent use of affine coefficients (#822)
  • Fixed the shift in x-coordinate when reprojecting from WGS84 to LAEA (#815)
  • Fixed LAEA reprojected y coordinate that resulted in n.def (#813)
  • ShapeReader skipping one entry when switching the page (#774)
  • DotSpatial.Projections dll file is very big (#27)
  • ParseEsriString leaves datums.xml open (#713)
  • MultiPolygon shapefile with holes with nested part not read correctly (#779)
  • Exception when calling Feature.Difference (#765)
  • Coordinate getHashCode() incorrect (#731)
  • IsSimple returns true without checking (#656)
  • Polygonizer StackOverflowException (#509)
  • Topology: Area for a Polygon with Holes (#16)
  • Unhandled exception in ScaleBarPlugin (#789)
  • No outgoing dirEdge found (#602)
  • WKBWriter adds 4 null bytes? (#475)
  • Exception when calling feature.Intersects(otherFeature) (#746)
  • Remove Map Frame context menu doesn't work (#237)
  • ReprojectPoints() not working for more than 1 point for Stereographic transforms. (#781)
  • Projection ETRS1989LAEA (#387)
  • Problem with LAEA projection (#568)
  • Intersection Issue (#785)
  • SqlServer raise WKB is not valid format. (#499)
  • Error inside ClipPolygonWithLine that caused an exception because the output filename wasn't set
  • Incorrect toWgs84 initialisation in Proj4DatumName set accesor (#732)
  • Unhandled exception when zoom to empty Group (#796)
  • Excel Join, wrong OleDbAdaptater. (#250)
  • Select Layer in the MapFrame (#743)
  • Measure Plugin - unhandled exception (#792)
  • Error that caused the last value to be missing from the RasterSymbolizer.Scheme
  • Bug in tool Reproject Features (#761)
  • Clone a featureset with CopyFeatures throws exception (#780)
  • Make sure Feature.Copy doesn't throw an error if the Feature doesn't have a ParentFeatureSet
  • Symbology.IndexSelection.RemoveRegion is working slow (#718)
  • Exception in WebMap plugin if "espg"-substring is lower-case (#777)
  • Problem in rendering ECW images (#824)
  • Polygon layer - scheme partially resets when open properties window (#842)
  • Index Glitch in GdalRaster with Very Large Rasters (#849)
  • Map Frame Dragging (#772)
  • Fixed reprojection errors between RT90 and SWEREF99, caused by missing TOWGS parameters in transformation attributes (#861)
  • Incorrect reprojection between RT90 2,5 gon V and WGS84 (#618)
  • SelectByAttributes - Unhandled Exception (#253)
  • AttributeTable.Columns.Add (#303)
  • Spheroid International_1924 in EuropeanDatum1950UTMZone30N coordinate system (#623)
  • AttributeTable - Can't handle all field types, fails to handle null values properly (#880)
  • Attributes now preserved from input to output when performing ClipPolygonWithPolygon tool (#892)
  • FeatureSet.Open(".shp") throws wrong error if .shx is missing (#903)
  • Wrong Expression at Expression Editor mess up Layer Feature Set. (#904)
  • Incorrect selection of polygons with Holes (#905)
  • ExtendBuffer Map property fixed (#661)
  • Polygon Hatch Style is not displayed (#851)
  • Is this a bug in DotSpatial.WebControls? (#496)
  • NmeaSentence.ParseDilution produces an exception when an nmea string with dilution of precision not greater than 0 is used. (#909)
  • Errors in SetPropertiesFromSentence functions of GpggkSentence, GpgsvSentence, GprmcSentence
  • Allow feature.DataRow = null in Shape-constructor (#917)
  • DS uses InRamImage although GDAL provider was selected (#931)
  • Disable editing in identify window (#930)
  • ArcMap does show M and Z as NaN (#935)
  • Recognize NullShapes not only for polygon / line shapes when in IndexMode, but also in !IndexMode and for points and multipoints (#890)
  • Legends are in an opposite order in the map legend and in the Print Preview. (#970)
  • FeatureLayer.ClearSelection / SelectAll only work when FeatureLayer is selected in Legend (#659)
  • Using the Identifier tool isn't intuitive (#418)
  • Selection Options (#283)
  • Legend drag line so it doesn't look as if you can move a layer in between categories (#1008)
  • Legend selection to be able to select features of a category (#1008)
  • Some errors in SetSelectable plugin (#1008)
  • Crash when attempting to use a serial GPS device on Mono
  • Clear the selection inside FeatureLayer.RemoveSelectedFeatures so the removed features are no longer contained when IFeatureSet.FeatureRemoved is raised
  • In InRamImageData.Open don't draw the image unscaled because this can cause the image not to be drawn
  • FeatureTypeFromGeometryType Method updated to work with GeometryCollection (#1044)
  • The SpatiaLite plugin to be able to load SpatiaLite databases of version 4 and higher (#1061)
  • WebMap-Plugin fails fetching tiles for specific WMS (#1074)
  • Plugins/WFSClient: Feature fetching fails on systems w NumberFormatInfo.NumberDecimalSeparator != '.' (#1081)
  • showMargin can be checked as soon as layoutControl is not null (#1091)
  • don't assign the 'EndRow' property to itself in BinaryRaster.OpenWindow (#1089)
  • assign "D_ITRF_1997" to ITRF1997.GeographicInfo.Datum.Name instead of ITRF1997.Geographi...


06 May 09:46
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