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Privacy Policy

Data Collection and Storage

We do not store or save any data from TrueDepth Camera, Front Camera, Back Camera, nor any records from Health application and do not share it with any 3d party, moreover that data does not leave storage of the used device. The only exception is RAM memmory of the device when app is used, as soon as operating system clears it data is removed.


We use Google Firebase/Analytics for anylical purposes, where we collect analytics on usage of the app (which screens were shown, which buttons were pressed). This data is used only internally to make customer experience better.

Data Use and Sharing

Collected data from TrueDepth Camera, Front Camera, Back Camera, and records from Health application are used only when app is opened and used by a user, and removed straight after that (when app is moved to background, or closed, or removed), it is not shared with any 3d party.


Since we use Google Firebase/Analytics for analytics, we comply with their privacy policy.

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