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This folder contains a preview version of our MRZ deep learning engine for Windows. We're working to release the full documentation and add some speed optimizations. We're releasing this preview because we've received many emails from companies requesting to have access to our cloud API hosted at

We're working to release the SDK for the coming days. The initial version will support Android, Windows and Raspberry pi. The SDK will have the same API for all platforms which means you can start testing on Windows and easily switch to another platform (e.g. Android or iOS) when we release the code.

This preview is a trial version and may come with some restrictions (some characters obfuscated with a '*' placeholder).


The root directory contains the following folders:

GPGPU acceleration

Make sure the update your GPU drivers to have GPGPU accelerations (OpenCL 1.2+) enabled.

Sample application

The sample application is under c++ folder and contains a visual studio project to build it. It's difficult to be lost when you look at the sample code. The MRZ API only have #3 functions: init, process and deInit.

The next sections explain how to build the sample application. If you just want to test the application without building it yourself then, download the zip file at c++/ and it contains all required files (mrz_sample.exe, models, dlls...).


You just need to open c++/mrz_sample.sln with Visual Studio (we're using VS 2015 Community) and build the project.

Once you've built the sample application you'll need to copy the files in the assets and bin folders to the same folder as ultimateMRZ-SDK/preview/c++/x64/Release/mrz_sample.exe.


ultimateMRZ-SDK/preview/c++/x64/Release/mrz_sample.exe is a command line application.


mrz_sample.exe input_path
  • input_path: path to the input file


mrz_sample.exe images/Czech_passport_2005_MRZ_data_1300x1002_yuv420p.jpg

images folder contains sample images like the next one:

Technical questions

Please check our discussion group or twitter account

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