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# D3Core
D3 Core

DoubleDoorDevelopment Core

Download from our [website]( or our [jenkins server](

Big thanks to @mallrat208 for updating to 1.9 / 1.10
Big thanks to @mallrat208 for updating to 1.9 / 1.10


If you want to add crafting / repair materials to *existing* tool materials, you can do so by making a file called `materials.json` inside of `config/D3Core`.

The itemstack regex pattern is:`^(?:(?<mod>.*):)?(?<name>.*?) ?(?<meta>\*|\d+)? ?(?<stacksize>\d+)?$`. Example: `[modid:]item_name [meta] [stacksize]`

Document structure example:

"<Material Name>": "<Itemstack>",
"FluffyClouds": "somemod:clouds 1 1"

Make sure your names are correctly spelled, everything is case sensitive!

- Default modid is "minecraft",
- Default stacksize is 1,
- Default metadata is 32767, otherwise known as the OreDictionary Wildcard Value,
- If a material does not exist, it is NOT created, the entry is simply skipped.
- If a item is specified from a mod that is not loaded, the entry is also skipped.

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