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This mod adds JSON file based lootbags!

Since MC 1.9 it uses the new, build in, json based loot table system.

Any .json files under config/JsonLootBags/bags, including in sub-directories, are added as new lootbag items. (File names don't matter.)

Any .json files under config/JsonLootBags/tables will be loaded as loot tables in the jsonlootbags resource domain. (The path + filename is the table name.)

Loot tables

Loot tables can be super complex in 1.9, see the build in ones (can be found in /assets/minecraft/loot_tables/ for vanilla examples.) For more help, use online generators or the Minecraft wiki. If you want to send us a nice (preferably vanilla only) example to put here, let us know.

You specify what loot table to use in the loot-table field, see below.


If you spawn the itemstack with an NBT data field (float / number type) called luck it will be passed on to the loot table. You can use that to manipulate the drops a within 1 loot table. You are not required to use this, by default luck will be 0.

Json format

    "loot-table": "minecraft:chests/village_blacksmith", // REQUIRED What loot table to use. See above.
    "name": "bag1",                 // REQUIRED Internal item name: alphanumerical and underscores only
    "human-name": "Example bag",    // REQUIRED Human readable name.
    "texture": "jsonlootbags:bag",  // Model file for item. Provide your own via resource pack if desired. Default is "jsonlootbags:bag"
    "rarity": "Epic",   // Color of text. (Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Epic) "Common" is default.
    "effect": true,     // Give item the 'enchanted' effect. Defaults to true if rarity is not common.
    "colors": [         // Colors to use on texture layers. Allows you to ship 1 model/texture and have multiple visuals.
    "0x90C3D4",         // Every line is a number, but you can also encode it in a string and use the more common # or 0x notation.
    "#DB32DB"           // Do not prefix the number with a 0. It will be interpreted as octal based!
                        // If you use "0xFFFFFF" (white), it will have no effect. Use this if you want to skip a layer.

(You cannot include comments into the file)

For an example of what a config/JsonLootBags folder may look like, see examples.


Simple (I thinks so at least) lootbags




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