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Updated Panasonic GF2 Raw Tone Curve, and added softer version

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+<Template version="8">
+ <Scale Factor="0.23839241"/>
+ <Image path=""/>
+ <Controls>
+ <ZoneOperation Active="true" Collapsed="true" Locked="true" Mode="Normal" Name="Raw Tone Curve" Opacity="100" layerControlsIndex="0" regionsInverted="false" scale="1">
+ <ColorSelection HueBlue="0.5" HueEnabled="true" HueGreen="0.5" HueRadius="-1.0" HueRed="0.5" Inverted="false" LuminosityEnabled="true" LuminosityLower="0.0" LuminosityLowerFeather="0.0" LuminosityUpper="1.0" LuminosityUpperFeather="0.0"/>
+ <Points Size="16">
+ <Point X="7" Y="0.39766"/>
+ <Point X="8" Y="0.50399"/>
+ <Point X="9" Y="0.59190"/>
+ <Point X="10" Y="0.67764"/>
+ <Point X="12" Y="0.82760"/>
+ <Point X="13" Y="0.88978"/>
+ <Point X="14" Y="0.92365"/>
+ <Point X="15" Y="0.94968"/>
+ </Points>
+ </ZoneOperation>
+ <Region/>
+ <Crop>
+ <UpperLeft X="0.0" Y="0.0"/>
+ <UpperRight X="4006.0" Y="0.0"/>
+ <LowerLeft X="0.0" Y="3006.0"/>
+ <LowerRight X="4006.0" Y="3006.0"/>
+ </Crop>
+ </Controls>
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+# Raw profiles for Panasonic camera models - softer curve
+The normal Raw Tone Curve provides a relatively straight D-logE curve
+except in the extreme highlights and shadows.
+Some Panasonic models have JPEG processing
+that rolls off much more in the shadows and highlights,
+making the D-logE curve somewhat S-shaped.
+Here are some Raw Tone Curve files for Panasonic cameras
+that attempt to reproduce the D-logE curve of the internal JPEG processing.
+Install the file(s) into your normal LightZone template folder.
+On Windows,
+there's a `LightZone\Templates` folder in your main documents folder.
+On Linux,
+there's a `Templates` directory in the LightZone installation directory.
+**==>** If you need a Raw Tone Curve file for a camera model that isn't here,
+please submit a request in the
+[Issue Tracker](
+There are a lot of camera models that need Raw Tone Curves,
+but a limited number of LightZone licensees left.
+Do let us know there's a need for a particular camera profile.
+## License
+The following profiles are original work of the LightZombie Project,
+and are released to the public domain:
+* Panasonic GF2 : custom-created
+The following profiles are copies of profiles provided by Light Crafts,
+and are covered under the LightZone license:
+* (none yet)

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