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Windows Moved dcraw 9.16 into stable status Oct 16, 2012




This is probably not the droid you're looking for. The downloadable executable files are in the Windows, Mac, and Linux sub-folders.


The dcraw module in LightZone is modified from the standard versions provided by Dave Coffin. The known differences are:

  • A new parameter -F <filename> is provided for specifying the output filename.
  • The -i (identify) option displays the camera's RGB matrix.
  • The output color space is changed to have the same gamut and white point as ProPhoto but without any gamma.
  • Fuji EXR files with two Raw images report having one image to prevent confusion with Fuji SuperCCD.

There are two branches of interest. The 'dcraw' branch contains original, unmodified sources of dcraw.c as obtained from Dave Coffin. The 'master' branch contains the modified variants.

When a new version of dcraw.c comes out, update the 'dcraw' branch with it. Then merge the 'dcraw' branch into the 'master' branch. The resulting dcraw.c should be ready to compile for each platform.

Of some interest: LightZone's editor doesn't use dcraw for demosaicing the image. It has its own demosaicing logic for that. LZ does use dcraw demosaicing for the thumbnail and preview images in the browser.


dcraw is licensed under GPL (the GNU General Public License). See the comments at the beginning of the dcraw.c source code for details.