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LightZone dcraw executable for Mac


This is the dcraw executable file for use with LightZone 3.9.2 on Mac.

Rename the original dcraw file in your LightZone.app/Contents/Resources/Java folder and replace it with the one in this folder. Then you'll probably need to do a chmod +x dcraw to make it executable. If you don't know how to do the chmod, this link might help.

At the moment, the updated Mac dcraw seems to be working okay, but it should be considered 'beta' software. If you don't need it for your current cameras, you probably should stick with the original version shipped with LZ 3.9.2. Please report any problems through the Issue Tracker.

In the event of trouble, the original LightZone 3.9.2 dcraw executable can be found in the 'Original' folder or just use the link above.


The Mac version was compiled using the following command lines (some of the file names look to have been modified): gcc -m32 -o dcraw32 -O4 dcraw912-2.c -lm -g -DNODEPS -DLIGHTZONE
lipo -create dcraw32 dcraw9.12 -output dcraw-u

New builds initially go into the 'Unstable' branch. If no problems turn up after a reasonable amount of time, they'll be merged into the 'master' branch.


dcraw is licensed under GPL (the GNU General Public License). See the comments at the beginning of the dcraw.c source code for details.