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Presenter Mirror

Purchase on the Mac App Store

(Or you can build it yourself from source)

Requires OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. (Requires new CGDisplayStream APIs, probably created by Apple also for use in AirPlay mirroring)


So, you’ve got to present something on your Mac. Say, a live coding demo or a Photoshop tutorial.

What are your Mac’s display options?

  • Mirrored display mode – Everyone can see everything you’re doing. No way to hide looking up your notes.

  • Extended desktop mode – You can do whatever you want on your MacBook’s display, while presenting on a projector. But how do you see what you’re doing? Doesn’t work if you don’t have another monitor display set up, or if you want to awkwardly look at the projector behind you.

Isn’t there a better way?

Presenter Mirror!

If you’re using extended desktop mode, Presenter Mirror can display the secondary display (which you probably have on a projector behind you) in a window on your desktop!

Works great with retina MacBook Pro! – You can make the window nice and small, and it’s still perfectly clear! Lots of room for your notes.

Having it in a small window has the added benefit of simulating what it’s like for your audience looking at the screen from a distance away – if text is too small to read in the small mirror window, it’s probably too small for your audience too!

Getting the code

git clone --recursive git://

If you're unfamiliar with this, you can purchase the compiled product on the Mac App Store


Licenced under Creative Commons, Attribution – Non Commercial – Share Alike 3.0 See


Hate giving demos in mirrored-displays mode? Use dual displays, but still see what’s on the secondary display in a window on the main!







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