Converts a MediaShout script to text that is print friendly.
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MediaShout Script to Text

This is a helper HTML page to convert a MediaShout script (.ssc) to a format that is ready to print.

How to use it

Go to this page and drag your .scc file into the dashed box. Your script should be ready to print. If you would like to make some changes before printing, do so; the page should be editable. I hope this is able to help you out. If there is some way this tool could help you out better, [let me know]( script to text.).

Why did I make this

This project was created because I needed to print all the songs from a .scc along with scripture references (to help the translator for my church's Spanish ministry). Unfortunately, MediaShout V4 doesn't provide an easy way to do this.

What this will do

  • Make it easy to print what you want from a .ssc file.

What this won't do

  • Edit or create files to be used in MediaShout