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Basic demo

  • stand up a new, fresh Ubuntu VM
  • manually "apt-get install" Apache
  • connect to the VM with browser
  • scan the host
  • show the diff
  • calculate and show the Ansible code
  • spin up remote on Openstack/AWS
  • apply the Ansible code to the remote
  • connect to the remote with browser

What does this need

  • DONE command line: scan a running system
    • already written, outputs raw scan results to multiple text files
  • API endpoint: assign flavor
    • test on Travis using Docker
    • add log output
    • add README examples
    • review test coverage
  • API endpoint: compare flavor, generate diffs
    • see above: DB, Travis, log output
  • API endpoint: assign knowledge to diffs
  • API endpoint: generate Ansible
    • uses assigned knowledge

Next-Gen Demo

Also transition a static site: Ansibleweb ui generator

Next-Gen Demo

Also transition a static site

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