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Github Game Off 2012 Entry
Solo project by Ben MacKinnon
Unless stated below all work is my own.
Sound assets provided by Chris MacKinnon
"Lerpz" model taken from the Unity3D "2DGamePlayTutorialProject" available from the Unity3D website.
As the project is similar to the design of my game, for ease I kept most of the scripts attached to the model (all the .js in the project), but made a few modifications
Ufo model taken from a 1st year University project I did
Crate & Barrel models from the Industrial Props Pack by RUBE from the Unity Asset Store
Desk lamp by Arang Ziab, Royalty free license from TurboSquid:
Flashlight by ric3do, Royalty free license from TurboSquid:
Sci Fi Door kindly provided by oka-toka:
Switch by giant35 at, tweaked by Steve Dewar TPLD:
Sci fi bridge by udead08, Royalty free license from TurboSquid:
All other models created by myself using Lightwave. Utilised Lightwaves "Lightwave to Unity" editor script for easy importing and fbx converting
Messenger system (Messenger.cs & Callback.cs) from the C#Messenger Extended on the Unity wiki
VitalBar.cs inspired from the bergzergarcade tutorial videos on youtube
Animation for the introduction scene completely scripted (other than Lerpz "walk" and "jump" animations).