Base repo for coders applying to be a coder at Dovetail Software
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Welcome to the Dovetail Coder Test

Getting Started

  • Do NOT fork this repo unless you don't mind it being public. This is to protect your privacy.
  • Clone this repo or clone your fork if you made a fork.
  • Once you have cloned locally, run 'git submodule update --init'
  • Work on the two tests (see below)
  • We value your time, so please do not feel that you need to spend more than 4 hours on this. If you can't get everything done in time, that's OK.
  • Commit your work to your local repository in a branch (you pick the name, just let us know)
    • Ideally you would have a commit for each feature
  • You can send your work back to us in a ZIP file via email, as a git patch via email, a dropbox shared folder, or whatever else you think is appropriate.

There are two test projects located in this repository.

1.) Towers of Hanoi Test


(details inside)

This contains a javascript coding test where you will implement a Towers of Hanoi module.

2.) FubuMVC "Pizza Web" Test


(details inside)

This test contains a functional FubuMVC application and we will ask you to extend the application using C#, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Currently, it is not compatible with VS2013. Please use VS2012 if possible.