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gRSShopper is a tool that aggregates, organizes and distributes resources to support online learning
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by Stephen Downes

gRSShopper is a tool that aggregates, organizes and distributes resources to support online learning

Installation - works for CPanel on Reclaim Hosting

In CPanel, Install Perl Modules:

MIME::Types MIME::Lite::TT::HTML CGI::Session Lingua::EN::Inflect JSON JSON::Parse JSON::XS Net::Facebook::Oauth2 XML::OPML REST::Client Net::Twitter::Lite::WithAPIv1_1 Digest::SHA1 Email::Stuffer vCard Net::OAuth Image::Resize DBD::mysql Mastodon::Client

Changed nameserver over to :)

In FTP Client or File Manager

  • load cgi-bin files into ../public_html/cgi-bin
  • load html files into ../public_html
  • make cgi-bin/data folder

In CPanel

In CPanel/MySQL Databases:

  • Create database
  • Create database user
  • Add user to database with all privileges (keep this information, you will need it to fill in the form below)

In PHPMyAdmin

  • import grsshopper-ple.sql into database

Run and fill in the form

Some help with the form (*** means 'pick whatever you want'):

Site document directory: ../

Site cgi directory is: ./

Database Name database name, from above

Database Location localhost

Database Username database user name, from above

Database Password database user password, from above

Language en

Site Document Directory /home/*******/public_html (needs to be full filename and directory)

Site CGI Directory /home/*******/public_html/cgi-bin

Site Name ********

Site Tag **********

Site Email Address *********

Site Time Zone America/Toronto

License CC-by-NC

Site Key ********** (take note of this, you need it to run cron)

Administrator Username ********** (You will use these to log into your gRSShopper PLE)

Administrator Password ***********

  • Click 'Multisite'

  • Remove initialize.cgi

  • In ../public_html/assets/js/grsshopper_admin.js -- change to your new site URL (bit of a kludge here)

  • Set up Cron (once a minute) /home/**/public_html/cgi-bin/admin.cgi ^^^^^^^^ /home//public_html/cgi-bin/data/multisite.txt >/dev/null 2>&1

-- where *********** is your directory and ^^^^^^^^^^ is the site key entered in the form above

(once you publish this page you can just go to https://yourservername/ple.htm )

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