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A voronoi library for p5.js using Fortune's algorithm implementation by gorhill.

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Link rhill-voronoi-core.js and p5.voronoi.js, or p5.voronoi.min.js for the minified version, to your HTML file. Make sure you link rhill-voronoi-core.js first. Check index.html for an example.


This library allows you to compute and draw Voronoi diagrams in p5.js. It currently has the following features:

  • Add/Remove custom sites with custom colors
  • Add random sites with minimum distance (just for testing, you should make your own)
  • Draw the full voronoi diagram
  • Get cell associated with diagram coordinates
  • Get neighboring cells
  • Draw individual cells with different centers(Bounding Box, Centered on Site or Geometric Center)
  • Apply a jitter effect to the diagram

You can visit https://dozed12.github.io/p5.voronoi/ for a live example of these features with a detailed explanation in the example1.js file.


Although my goal is to make using voronoi diagrams as accessible as possible and follow p5.js goal, there is always room for different uses that I won't foresee, therefore you can still access the voronoiDiagram variable which is the result of computing the diagram with gorhill implementation. For this effect I recommend you check his source code for details on how to use his implementation. Take the opportunity to show some love for his work :)

Additionally, feel free to create issues for new feature requests or bugs that you may find.